Kettle Black Has Silver Lake’s Best Happy Hour

If you’re like me you love a good, short happy hour. I don’t mean the hours, of course. I mean the menu. There’s something pleasurably decadent about being able to say, “One of everything!” Kettle Black, the newish Italian restaurant and bar in Silver Lake, boasts such a menu. There are only five food items plus specials on Peronis, glasses of red and white wine, and cocktails including Punch, Manhattan, Negroni, and Aperol Spritz. Kettle Black is as stylish as it is delicious.

The restaurant opened in late 2016 to rave reviews from Jonathan Gold and others. Kettle Black is from restauranteur Beau Laughlin and his team, who also own Sawyer next door. The head chef is Sydney Hunter III, a Los Angeles veteran who has worked at Superba Snack Bar, Bastide, L’Orangerie and most memoerably with Ludovic Lefebvre.

Onto to the food. Happy hour is daily from 5-7. Yes, daily, even Fridays and Saturdays which is becoming all too rare for Sunset Junction and LA at large. Kettle Black is a small plates restaurant and is best for sharing. If there’s two of you getting one of each happy hour item is the perfect portion control. If there’s four or more of you I’d recommend doubling up on the dishes.

First up is the Tri Colore Salad for just $9. It’s made with radicchio, endive, little gem, salami, and provolone. We were expecting a usual happy hour salad, which is to say, a tiny dish. We were thrilled when it came out in a hearty bowl. Each ingredient was expertly rationed so every bite was a savory combination of sweet and spicy.

The Wood Fired Cauliflower for $8 originally didn’t excite our table but when it arrived we were surprised by the complexity of it. The cauliflower is blackened in the oven and dressed with pine nuts, pickled raisins, bagna cauda, and fried capers. It’s the kind of side dish that will inspire you to attempt to make it at home.

Next up the charcuterie for $15 included salami cotto, proscuitto, gorgonzola, taleggio, and pecorino. It’s the kind of wonderful charcuterie board you’d normally pay double for. The Meatball Sandwich, for $7, is made with tomato sauce, house made bun, pickled fresno chilies, and basil. And I don’t know how our waiter and the kitchen did it, but each dish came out separately and promptly when the previous dish was finished giving us plenty of time to relax and enjoy the unique and slightly edgy flavors. Plus, it gave us ample time to enjoy the delicious cocktails.

Finally, of course, you can’t do the Kettle Black Happy Hour right without getting the Pizza and Pop for $15. It’s a Margherita pizza with a Peroni or a glass of red or white wine. Yes, please. The pizza was refreshingly not personal size. And the house red was a lovely blend from the Tuscany region. The marharita was light and fluffy with a rosemary and other herb infused crust that was salty and peppery in just the right doses.

If you’re doing the math that’s $60 for two and includes the perfectly fulfilling six food dishes, plus two glasses of wine. Not too much, and certainly not too little. But suppose you and your party are tempted to stay a bit later into the evening and enjoy Kettle Black’s ambiance, which is excellent, by the way. Indoor or outside on the small patio, you’re seated on luxuriously comfortable mid-century inspired chairs. Really, the chairs are a real highlight. On the dinner menu, I (and Mr. Gold) recommend the octopus salad.

Plus any good Italian restaurant must offer handmade pasta and Kettle Black does not disappoint. Gnocchi is made with braised lamb, sundried tomato, and baby zucchini. The Garganelli is wood fired bolognese, and pecorino romano. The Pappardelle includes maitake mushroom and nasturtium butter. Deceptively simple sounding yet the taste itself is anything but. All of the pastas are priced between $15 and $20.

Also on the menu are entrees including a Flat Iron Steak, Branzino, and a Half Roasted Chicken, all $23-26. Plus more pizzas of course. Kettle Black is a great addition to the neighborhood and a brilliant option for post-work day dining and drinking. Cheers!

5PM — 2AM

5PM — 7PM

All photos courtesy of Kettle Black. Follow Kettle Black on Instagram here.

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