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Country English “Laurel Cottage” in Los Feliz’s Franklin Hills | 1951 Myra Ave.

You’ll love the intriguing story behind the name of “Laurel Cottage,” one that carries whispers of Hollywood’s great golden age. According to local folklore, the renowned comedian Stan Laurel, of Laurel and Hardy fame, once called this residence his home during a time when it was under the ownership of one of the leading early studios, most likely Vitagraph. Vitagraph was the first initial full studio to come to Los Feliz way back in 1912. Innovative from the start, in 1906, Vitagraph became the first studio to develop the star system when it promoted future Los Feliz resident Florence Turner as the “Vitagraph Girl.”  The studio was also the first to open its own theater chain and arrange its own film distribution, and parts of “The Jazz Singer,” the first production with sound, were filmed at Vitagraph in 1927. Later on, Laurel Cottage found itself in the possession of the talented actress Mae Busch, best known for her role as Oliver Hardy’s persistently nagging wife in those classic Laurel & Hardy films.

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