Everything You’ve Heard About Salazar is True.

It’s great.

And that shouldn’t come as a surprise. We first tried Salazar Chef Esdras Ochoa’s tacos at the East LA Meets Napa wine festival last year. It may have been the most popular booth as Chef Ochoa was serving a delicious swordfish and sea urchin taco with a hearty dollop of caviar. Yes, it was delicious. Yes, it was decadent. And, yes we had seconds.

So even I admit I was dragging my feet about going to his newly opened Salazar for quite some time. Perhaps I thought it would be too meat-centric for my tastes or that it would be impossible to get a reservation. By now you know Salazar is located just above the Los Angeles River on Fletcher Drive and Ripple Street in the burgeoning Frogtown neighborhood in what used to be an auto body shop. Chef Ochoa’s goal is to bring the flavors of his hometown in the Sonoran Desert in Mexico more of a presence in Los Angeles.

In short, Salazar is lighter and fresher than I had imagined. Everybody seems to be raving lately about the tortillas at Guisados, but if you’re someone like me and found them on the heavy side, you will find the tortillas at Salazar a refreshing relief. Both the flour and corn tortillas feel light as air.

There are four options. Carne Asada, Pollo Asado, Al Pastor, and Vegetable. At $3.75 a piece, you’ll want to get them all. One thing I loved and that hearkened back to that delicious swordfish taco from the festival was the seafood tostada. It’s made with shrimp, snapper, crab, squid ink, and guacamole.

You’ll also be a fan of the Mesquite Grilled Caesar, which seems like a simple, straightforward caesar from its description on the menu – “gem lettuce, parmesan, and house caesar dressing” – but it’s anything but. The mystique aspect of it is deceptively simple. There’s also the Salazar Caprese – Heirloom tomatoes, fresh burrata, and pumpkin seed pesto – which sounds, of course, like any tomato and burrata salad you could get at an Italian restaurant. Yet this salad surprised our party as well with its distinct Sonoran flavors.

And, of course, Salazar excels at cocktails. The margarita is the perfect Friday, Saturday or Sunday antidote to a grueling work week. Whether you’re here for brunch or dinner, a large pitcher will set you back $50. But this isn’t some house margarita in a spinning vat. It may be on tap, but it’s made fresh daily.

And Salazar seems to have become the go-to brunch spot for people all over the city. It make be the desert-esque atmosphere. It really does feel like a desert with Salazar’s perfectly placed cactuses and it’s sand/dirt floor. Although I’m told friends have stayed on weekends eating and imbibing for hours, Salazar’s wait time is surprisingly swift. And, hey, if there is a wait, why not grab a drink at the bar? Or take a short walk along the Los Angeles River.

For brunch, we found all our desired dishes great for sharing. The shrimp quesadilla is a must for the table.

Salazar’s unique Egg Benedict is made with Neiman pork belly, corn sopas, and jalapeño hollandaise.

Other brunch options include  a Red & GReen Chorizo Hash with fingerling potato, tomatillo gravy, and 55 degree egg. Plus a Mushroom Frittata made with chantarelle, shiitake, red onion, and bell peppers.

Plus a Carne Asada Milanesa – country fried steak and sunny side up egg.

Although our table has so far shared all our plates family-style all of the times we’ve gone, entrees or Los Primitvos are plenty and the price points are similar to many of our best casual eateries around town.

And while the cocktails are all to die for, Salazar also boasts a short but sweet wine and beer list that includes some great bottles and a standard or two cerveza. Wines by the glass range from $12 to $15 or $48 to $60 for a bottle. It’s a varied list including a Petit ’15 rosé from South Africa, a Bengoetze ’12 taxkolina from Basque region of Spain and an Old Soul ’15 chardonnay from Lodi. Some of my favorite rojas were the Bichi ’14 nebbiollo ffrom Tecate Mecixo and the Rosso di Marco ’14 pinotella from Italy.

And just take a look at this beer list! You don’t have to slum with a Corona, but you can if you want to. Salazar also has El Sully Lager, Boomtown White Ale, and Boomtown Nose Job IPA all on tap.

In short, Salazar is a very special addition to the happening neighborhood of Frogtown and a welcome reason for Westsiders to venture out East for the great desert atmosphere, refreshing eats, delightful cocktails, and great conversation.

TUES-THURS: 10am-10:00pm
FRI: 10am-12am.
SAT: 10am-12am.
SUN: 10am-10pm.
Salazar is located at 2490 Fletcher Drive Los Angeles, CA 90039

All photographs courtesy of Salazar. Follow Salazar on Instagram here.

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