Where You Can Donate to Support the Black Community & the National Movement

Support the Black community and the Black Lives Matter movement by donating to these legal aid groups, bail funds, memorials, social services, and more. Highlights and favorites of ours and a long list organized by subject and type of cause can be found below.

The Black Lives Matter Movement
The BLM movement was founded in 2013 after the acquittal of George Zimmerman on all charges in the killing of Trayvon Martin. The BLM Movement is a a multi-national organization that combats white supremacy through demonstrations, petitions, and online organizing. You can donate here, or donate to the original chapter in Los Angeles through their GoFundMe page here.

The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF)
For over 75 years, The LDF has fought racial injustice through litigation, advocacy, and public education. Support the organization’s continued battle to improve our judicial system here.

Black Visions Collective
The Black Visions Collective focuses on expanding Black influence in the Twin Cities metro area and throughout Minnesota. They are also involved in Black Lives Matter protest’s mobilization and action plans. Follow them on Instagram, where the group is currently promoting a petition to defund the Minneapolis Police, or donate to their collective through this page.

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BEAM works to “remove the barriers that Black people experience getting access to or staying connected with emotional health care and healing,” according to its mission statement. Support programs addressing mental health and healing in Black communities with a one-time donation here or a monthly contribution here.

The National Association of Black Journalists 
Help support Black journalists and media professions by donating to America’s largest group for journalists of color. The organization promotes media diversity and supports workers who have been laid off or struggle to find employment.

Reclaim the Block
Started in 2018, Reclaim the Block organizes the Minneapolis community and council members to move funds from the hands of the police to other areas covered by the city’s budget. “We organize around policies that strengthen community-led safety initiatives and reduce reliance on police departments,” the organization says in its mission statement. You can donate here to help those on the field protesting.

And for your convenience, single donations can  be split between multiple organizations, with the ability to adjust how much goes where via Act Blue:

• Act Blue Bail, Mutual Aid, and Racial Justice Organization Funds

• Act Blue Racism and Police Brutality Funds

• Act Blue Bail Funds

Other ways you can organize, donate, fund, and help fight racial discrimination, police brutality, and join the movement:

Bail Funds

Donations will go toward paying bail/bonds to release protesters jailed in states with bail/bond systems.

• The Bail Project

• National Bail Out

• National Bail Fund Network COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

• Atlanta Solidarity Fund

• Louisville Community Bail Fund

• Chicago Community Bond Fund

• Philadelphia Bail Fund

• Nashville Community Bail Fund

• Dallas Bail Fund for Protesters

• (F)empower Community Bond Fund

• People’s Program Bail Out Fund; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

• Columbus Freedom Fund; Columbus, Ohio

Policy Reform

Donations will go toward legislative efforts to overturn systemically racist policies at the national, state, or local levels.

• American Civil Liberties Union

• Black Lives Matter Global Network

• Color of Change Education Fund

• Advancement Project

Community Justice Action Fund

Anti-Racism Fund

• Moms Demand Action; donations will be matched dollar for dollar by Everytown, Moms Demand Action’s parent organization

• Faith in Texas

• Take Action Chapel Hill; Chapel Hill, North Carolina

• Austin Justice Coalition; Austin, Texas

• Dallas Alliance Against Racial and Political Repression; Dallas, Texas

• The Refugee Dream Center; Rhode Island

• Alliance to Mobilize Our Resistance; Rhode Island

Political Organizations

Donations will go toward black-voter education initiatives and supporting black political candidates.

• Black Voters Matter Fund

• Fair Fight; National, but mainly Georgia

• Woke Vote

• Higher Heights

• The Collective Political Action Committee

Police Reform

Donations will go toward police reform initiatives, including efforts to redistribute police funding to other social services.

• Campaign Zero

• The National Police Accountability Project

• Communities United for Police Reform

• Communities United Against Police Brutality

• Equality for Flatbush; Brooklyn, New York

Incarceration Reform

Donations will go toward prison reform efforts to stop excessive punishment, mass incarceration, incarceration in general, and the creation of new jails and prisons.

• Equal Justice Initiative

• Release Aging People in Prison

• No New Jails NYC

• Prison Book Program

• Dream Defenders

• Vera Institute of Justice

Legal Defense

Donations will go toward legal aid and education for black, brown, and other minority groups.

• Amistad Law Project

• Legal Rights Center

• NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund

• Transgender Law Center Black LGBTQIA+ Migrant Project

• Moral Governance; San Diego, California

• Restoring Justice; Texas

• Up Against The Law Legal Collective; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Black LGBTQ Organizations and Funds

Donations will go toward providing immediate mental health and health-care support, monetary support, and education to black LGBTQ communities.

• Third Wave Fund

• The Heavenly Angel Fund Project

• Black Trans Advocacy Coalition COVID-19 Community Response Grant

• The Nina Pop and Tony McDade Mental Health Recovery Fund

• Homeless Black Trans Women Fund; Atlanta, Georgia

• Black Trans Travel Fund; New York City

• Emergency Release Fund; New York City

• F2L Relief Fund; New York State

• For The Gworls Party; donations are collected through Venmo, PayPal, and Cash App

• The Transgender District

• Brave Space Alliance

• Sylvia Rivera Law Project

• The Okra Project

• Black AIDS Institute

• The Marsha P. Johnson Institute

• Gays and Lesbians Living in a Transgender Society

• Trans Justice Funding Project

• Vocal New York; New York State

• House of GG; Arkansas

• Youth Breakout; New Orleans, Louisiana

• Solutions Not Punishment; Atlanta, Georgia

• Trans Cultural District; San Francisco, California

• The Audre Lorde Project; New York City

• Princess Janae Place; New York City

Media Organizations

Donations will go toward organizations that support black and brown journalists or focus on issues central to communities of color, including criminal-justice reform.

• The Marshall Project

• Unicorn Riot

• Ida B. Wells Society for Investigative Reporting

• Migizi

Victim Memorial Funds

If you do not have the means to donate:

If your capacity to give money is limited right now, there are plenty of other powerful ways to help out with your voice and your signature. First off, you can demand police accountability from your legislators with the help of tools like Campaign Zero‘s 10-step policy solution guide, which includes information about policies that can protect against racism, and by using the “find your rep” tool to get information on who you should contact and how. You can also sign petitions in support of the Georgia Hate Crime Bill and the Hands Up Act, among other petitions listed in the description of this YouTube video.

Additionally, it’s always the perfect time to explore anti-racist resources and become more educated on the issues. Here are some books, podcasts, and articles to check out. One titled “75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice” is a good start.

Other Resources

“How to Become actively anti-racist”

The Good Good Co has put together a beautiful post that summarizes an essay by acclaimed professor Ibram X. Kendi for the new York Times. Read it. Share it.

Loveland Foundation

The prominent group focuses on offering free counseling to black women and girls. You can share the resource with people you know or donate to their fund here.

Therapy for People of Color

Created by a Kenyan living in Boston, this document is filled with free valuable resources for those that have had traumatic experiences.

Showing Up for Racial Justice

SURJ is a national network of groups & individuals that organizes white people for racial justice.

Support Black-owned Businesses in Los Angeles

Supporting the growth of black-owned businesses goes a long way in empowering communities in the long run, not just in this exceptionally dire landscape. There is no doubt that the pandemic has disproportionately affected black communities. Here is Google doc of all the black-owned restaurants in Los Angeles, which has been put together by Kat Hong, a 25-year-old editorial assistant at The Infatuation.

You can also show up at affected donate to the Black Owned Businesses Relief Fundthis fundraiser is aimed at supporting black-owned businesses that have been affected by the recent George Floyd protests.

Educate yourself on the history of institutional racism in the country

As the Black Life Matters website reads, “When You’re Done: Educate Yourself. This Doesn’t Go Away Once The Topic Isn’t ‘Trending.’” This Google document made to help deepen anti-racism work is a good place for start.

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