365 by Whole Foods Market in Silver Lake is Open for Business

The world’s first 365 by Whole Foods Market has opened for business in Silver Lake! The new market promises to focus on lower prices, a streamlined shopping experience, and tech-friendly ordering and check out. I stopped by on Wednesday’s and was treated to an exciting and fun grand opening. Take a look inside at the upscale grocery chain’s new affordable concept!


Parking was a little difficult on opening day, but in subsequent visits it’s been painless. Pro tip: There’s usually always parking behind the store on Silver Ridge and Silver Lake Drive.


Once inside you will be greeted by a vast open layout industrial design. 28,000-square-feet to be exact.


Conveniently, there’s the the tea-dispensing machine from TeaBOT that where you can custom blend a cup from a dozen different ingredients via a touch screen. There is also Allegro Coffee House for us coffee drinkers so morning grocery shoppers can truly make the new 365 a one stop shop.


I was impressed by the produce prices and I’m sure you will be too. Just $2.50 for a big tub of blueberries! 19 cents a banana! Much cheaper than big Whole Food’s prices, and comparatively less expensive than nearby Silver Lake favorite Trader Joe’s.


You can order hot foods via a tablet at an automated kiosk near the entrance that will be prepared while you shop and to pick up after. Or, of course, you can do all this online before making your way over and have everything set for you before you arrive.


365’s salad bar offers seemingly more options (and more color!) than their counterpart.


And, yes, prices at both 365’s hot bar and make your own salad bar are drastically lower than big Whole Foods.


365 charges by containers ($5.50 for small, $7.50 for medium, and $9.50 for large) which if you’re a regular Whole Foods shopper you’ll understand makes a huge difference instead of charging by weight.


For meat lovers, there is no in-house butcher or deli, but there were plenty of unique prepackaged options, both pre seasoned and untouched cuts so you can still design and flavor your cuts with your own expert rub.


And fish, yes! The extensive selection of everything from salmon fillets to cod cheeks to tuna loins and more was a real delight and relief for this (mostly) pescetarian.


365 also offers an awards program which you can join for free to begin saving on weekly food items. This week’s savings included discounts on Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee, GoodBelly Probiotic Juice, One Degree Organics Cereal, and many, many more.

A major innovation at the new 365 by Whole Foods Market is the Delectable wine app that helps shoppers navigate their wine and beer selections by scanning a bottle which will let you know more about the taste and origin of the winery or brewery and what the wine or beer is best paired with.


The selection does not disappoint stock-wise. The attached Allegra Cafe, besides coffee, also offers a rotating four craft beers on tap and five varieties of wine for you to taste before you buy.


And don’t forget to bring home some flowers! 365, welcome to Silver Lake!


365 by Whole Foods Market
2520 Glendale Blvd, , Los Angeles, California 90039
Open 8:00am – 10:00pm
Seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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